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Portage Notebooks have been a manufacturer of Quality Products Since 1955. For more then 50 years we served the newspaper industry and have a trusted reputation outstanding products at a great price. We look forward to serving our customers with quality products and integrity over the next 50 years.


Our notebooks are the best notebooks money can buy, and at a price nobody can beat. We pride ourselves on quality, and customer service.


Thicker is better Thousands of Satisfied Customers
your order ships within 1 business day 100% Satisfaction Gurantee


Thicker is better Our notebooks use thicker stock then "superstore" notebooks:

Portage Notebooks has built a loyal following for the past 50+ years, recognized for our "FLOPPY FREE" notebooks. We use the .75mm thick cover, which is twice as wide as our competitors. This dense material allows for a smooth writing surface, so the notebook does not flop over as you write on it while standing up. You will not find more stable notebook guaranteed.




YOUR ORDER SHIPS WITHIN 1 BUSINESS DAY Your order will ship the same or next business day from our state of the art facility just outside of Cleveland, OH. We take pride in the classic art of customer service. From 1 dozen notebooks for the independent reporter to the largest media outlets, every customer is treated equally, and we take care to ensure order accuracy and quick turnaround.




100% Satisfaction Gurantee



         I have been very pleased with the products that I have received from portage.Their service professionals were very helpful and professional. I would most definitely order from them again.          

Christina Hardy

Television, Michigan

         I have purchased several of the newspaper binders, and have been very pleased with them. They are sturdy, and they protect my newspapers completely while keeping them in order for me for quick references. I am very pleased with them, and will continuing purchasing them as needed.          

Cyndi Sifford

Research, Wyoming


         When i left the newspaper world to become a freelance writer, one of the first thing I missed was a supply cabinet full of these little notebooks. So I was happy to learn that I could order them direct from portage in a bulk that fits a freelancer's budget. Even though I'm a tiny account, the company was extremely responsive when, one time, I receive an incorrect invoice. The president of the company was on the phone with me the same day to make sure every thing was corrected.          

Dan Haugen

Freelance Writer, Minnesota

           I'va been using them for years but only started buying them myself(went freelance). The best by far! .         

Jon Malis

Documentary Filmmaker

         I am one happy customer, having received my order of News Reporter's Notebook - found at your company after an eBay search and check of your sponsored link. I've been in the news reporter business for 30 years, and these are the exact design and feel of the notebooks I used(way back when). I am happy to have found the original, it fits so well in the hand and always have inspired great writing. Thanks for keeping this oldie(the notebook, not me) a goodie!          

Loretta Jackson

New Hampshire

         I was a reporter for six years and used the Reporter's Notebook religiously. I no longer cover news, but i write newspaper columns and screenplays. I still use the notebooks to write my ideas, things i see. I even use it for TO-DO lists and as a tool to write down whatever my wife says. It's an at-my-fingertips lifesaver, and affordable, too. Thanks for such a great resource.          

Michael Picarella

Column Writer, California